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bhirdi's Journal

Sarah Ferguson
14 November
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i like pretty rocks
1984, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, allen ginsberg, amélie, apophylite, army of darkness, at the drive in, bach, beatles, beck, bedhead, beethoven, bisexuality, bjork, black sabbath, blonde redhead, bonfire madigan, boss hog, buck 65, cactus, cat power, catcher in the rye, cello, chicks on speed, cibo matto, ciccone youth, clinic, comet gain, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, death cab for cutie, diesel boy, dismemberment plan, drum and bass, elbow, erics trip, evil dead, faith no more, fantomas, flute, gastr del sol, geology, george orwell, gob, godspeed you black emperor!, gomez, gorkys zygotic mynci, green day, guitar, helium, hip hop, jack kerouac, jim o' rourke, joel plaskett, k-os, ken kesey, kid 606, kim gordan, knitting, ladytron, life without buildings, malachite, mampi swift, marijuana, matmos, mc fearless, melvins, mercury rev, methodman, mike patton, mike watt, modest mouse, mogwai, mop, mouse on mars, mr bungle, music, nardwuar the human serviette, nirvana, nofx, one line drawing, one speed bike, onelinedrawing, ooioo, orangutans, pavement, peeping tom, photography, piano, piercings, pink floyd, pixies, portishead, psychology, radiohead, red, redman, refused, requiem for a dream, sad rockets, semiautomatic, set fire to flames, sigur ros, sleater kinney, sloths, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, stars of the lid, stereolab, sunglasses, tech itch, tenacious d, the be good tanyas, the dears, the eels, the evaporators, the guthries, the need, the spells, the white stripes, thievery corporation, thrush hermit, tom waits, tomahawk, tool, tortoise, tricky woo, two ton boa, university of toronto, velvet underground, weezer, william burroughs, william golding