Sarah Ferguson (bhirdi) wrote,
Sarah Ferguson

i. want to quit school

i feel sick... i thought i did really well on my chemistry midterm this morning... i studied really hard.... but as the day went on i kept realizing more mistakes that i had made.... now im down from my hopeful 80 to a 70... and i just dont want to admit to myself that it is possibly even lower than that.... and they wont bellecurve cause someone definetly got 100 on it... it was a really easy test... i jsut fucked up a bunch.... omg so once again it has been proved taht when sarah studies for tests..... it doesnt pay off ... so physics.... i ahvent opened my text book once this semester... and. im going to deal with you tomorrow. and. i hope. i pass....(just passsing is considered good with physics... i believe anyways.. its fucked)

apparantly i dont absorb new information... whats there is just there ithink.... fuck.. i cant even do anything. cause i feel so horribly sick about my chemistry exam.... stupid stupid mistakes.. fuck fuck fuck. i fuckign put double bonds in BeCl2!!!!!! im so pissed.. okay... man i dont know what to do with myself....
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