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Today is a good day! :)
i bought fries from this chip truck.. which i ve been to before. and theres a pretty girl that works there... and she is usually pretty stressed out. or so. it seems..
today. she seemed so happy. and she gave me this. little. but brilliant smile. and. i gave her one. back. and. it was just.. nice..
thhhen.. when i was eating outside . all the little hungry chickadees came swarming. around.. .they are so cute.. and. this guy that was eaeting at the table across from me... had a chickadee fly right up on the table... and. he slowly. hopped forward.. closer and closer.. and. it was soo cute.. and the guy and the bird were staring right at each other. haha. it was awesome. and then the guy looked up at me who was looking at this.. and i a... 'what a funny awesome situation' and he smiled. back. and once. again. i liked this.
then. someone i know came up to me. we chatted briefly. and his friend. introduced himself to me.. and. we shook. hands. and i met someone. new! and. i like this alot to...
i like meeting new people
then. my physics. lab. wasnt soooo bad.... it still.. was a boring. crappy. stressful physics lab.. but. not as bad as i anticipated.... i got my previous weeks lab report back. and i only got 63... but. this. just made me laugh... not cause. i dont care. but because. physics. is hard.. and. it was my first attempt.! so.. thats ok.. .
THEN to make my whole day the BEST in the world!!!!!1
I PASSED MY PHYSICS EXAM!!!!!!!!! 55% !!!!!!!!! belive me this is awesome!!! hahahhaha that test was soo brutall!! i think im below the class average... butI DONT CARE!!! i m soooo happy!!! i think peopleare so funny tho.. this girl i know got 72.. and. shes like.. ohh .. that sucks... but thats like 15% above the average i think! thats soo GOOD!! i swear half of these university kids are gonna drive themselces crazy.. literally... obsessing over school.. its good to want to do well.. obviously. but... if you tried your best.. you. have to accept the results.. and if you know you didnt put a lot of effort into it, well.. try harder next time . i guess... i dont know..
but im happy. today... my last mid term is tomorrow.. calculus!!
but. i need to eat..
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